Places associated with my Cavers Family

Cavers Old Kirk

Cavers Old Kirk, Cavers Parish, Roxburghshire Scotland

Pomfret Street, Sneinton. Nottingham

Pomfret Street Sneinton 1914
showing style of back to back housing as in Washington Street.

Washington Street, Sneinton. Nottingham

Washington Street, Sneinton, Nottingham, where my Great Great Grandfather,
William Cavers, was born in 1835.

Houndsgate Nottingham Walter Cavers & Son, Habidashers

This is an approximate location for Walter Cavers' Wholesale Habidashery in 1861
at Hounds Gate in Nottingham, opposite St Peters Church Square.
The property was demolished around 1862 for road widening
enabling him & most of his family to move to Islington, London
Highlighted in Red

St Peters Square 1880
Artists impression of corner
Hounds Gate and Wheeler Gate

22 Sebbon St, Islington East, London

Walter Cavers & his Wife Jane lived in a Grand Semidetached house
originally at this location, 22 Sebbon St, Islington East, London in 1871,
the place Walter died in 1873, of pneumonia & a fit.

95 Culver Road Hackney
95 Culver Road Hackney, London
where Jane, widow of Walter lived with son Samuel's family in 1881

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